Sunshine Coast Business Walks

October is Small Business month in BC and in recognition of the incredible contribution that the small business community makes on Sunshine Coast, representatives from the SCBRC, the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Organization(SCREDO), the local chambers of commerce and local elected officials will be conducting Business Walks through each of the lower Sunshine Coast communities during Small Business Week.

Business Walks are designed to build relationships within the community, gain insight into the local business climate, and share information with businesses to support the resiliency of a strong, vibrant business community. They are used as informal, but important, opportunities for local leaders and stakeholders to connect with local business owners.

During the week of October 18-22, 2021 the Sunshine Coast Business Walk teams will be visiting businesses throughout the Sunshine Coast and walking them through a brief questionnaire. Our goal is to use this as an opportunity to listen to and connect with local business owners, and identify successes and challenges in order to gain insight and create solutions. If you would like to ensure one of our Business Walk teams comes to visit your business please reach out to Yarrow Drtina at

In addition, to increase the reach of this initiative the SCBRC will be releasing the questionnaire in early November, extending the opportunity to participate to all businesses on the lower Sunshine Coast. The online questionnaire will be available here from November 1-30, and will consist of the same questions asked by the Business Walk teams.

All data collected during the Business Walks and through the online business questionnaire will remain confidential and be aggregated into summary findings. A results summary will be made available to each business that participated in the Business Walk questionnaire in early 2022.