Supporting the Local Supply Chain
Enhances our Coastal Business Ecosystem

As a local business, when you choose to procure your supplies and services locally, you are driving enhanced value into our community. Your operation becomes a critical part of the Sunshine Coast business ecosystem, where companies support one another and feed each other’s growth. Your brand becomes known for supporting our community, our economy and our people.

A significant driver of every purchase decision is: does the business act as a force for good? Does the business reflect my values? Your choice to Keep it Coastal demonstrates to all Sunshine Coast businesses and consumers that you are committed to creating value in our community. In turn, that value comes back to you in the form of more loyal customers, more loyal employees and more reliable suppliers, creating an upward value spiral that can drive business to an unprecedented success.
It all comes back to Community Capital.

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The New Growth Criteria: Social Impact & ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

Consumers have never had more access to information on how your business operates: where your supply chain is centred, and how your business behaves in our community.

Having a superior product or service remains central to being successful. However, creating a positive Social Impact in the community by incorporating environmental, social and governance metrics into your operating plan builds Social Capital, which has a dramatic effect on customer engagement, satisfaction, loyalty and profitability – Community Capital.

The most effective way to communicate your business’ Social Impact to your customers is by having 3rd party certification that verifies your Social Impact:

B-Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

Certified B-Corps are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Unlike other certifications for businesses, B-Lab is unique in their ability to measure a company’s entire social and environmental impact.

Climate Smart Certification is for businesses of all sizes across all sectors. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into sustainability or you’re wanting to take your climate commitment to the next level, Climate Smart training & certification will help you:

  • Understand your current climate impact
  • Improve your environmental metrics
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and cut costs
  • Stay competitive and keep innovating

The Living Wage Employer Program recognizes and celebrates employers that pay their direct and indirect employees a living wage. In order to become a Living Wage Employer employers must agree to ensure that all direct employees and contractors are paid the current living wage rate for their area within six months of a successful application.

Living Wage Employers are seen as responsible employers who care about their employees and the community. They recognize that paying a living wage constitutes a critical investment in the long term prosperity of the economy by fostering a dedicated, skilled and healthy workforce.

LOCO BC works to build stronger communities using applied research of the policies and practices of a fair and just economy. Businesses who want to join the LOCO BC community need to be advancing best practices in employment, purchasing, environmental stewardship, and other values. Businesses who join the community will have access to the below resources, and more!

  • Be listed on their directory which is used by BC businesses, institutions and government departments to source
    fromthe best local suppliers.
  • Have an opportunity to measure and promote your impact through their Community Impact Assessment.
  • Receive BC Buy Local campaign materials: in-store branding, media, social media and advertising opportunities for consumer-facing businesses.

The Art and Science of Selling to Government

Local municipal, regional and provincial government departments are all substantial buyers of goods and services, which have long been a primary or secondary target audience for manufacturers and service providers alike.

Here on the coast, the Town of Gibsons, District of Sechelt and the SCRD are all members of the BC Procurement Initiative (our provincial and federal governments also follow similar policies). The BC Procurement Initiative helps municipalities unlock opportunities to deepen and enhance the positive economic and social impacts on investments within their communities. Social procurement refers to all purchasing, hiring or contracting with a strong local social benefit. If as a company you incorporate the idea of building social benefit and community capital into your operating model, your company will be seen far more favourably by government bodies who are choosing suppliers. Buying local for your business needs, also means earning Community Capital.

If opening the door to government contracts at any level is among your goals, Social Impact offers the key. All the resources you need to help you build Community Capital through your business, and unlock opportunities to become a government supplier can be found below:

There are many places to access local municipal, regional and provincial government bids, follow the links below to view current opportunities:

Photo: BC Parliament, Stock Image

Photo: Gibsons Municipal Hall, Stock Image

Keep it Coastal is supported by the Government of Canada’s Strategic Activities Program, administered by the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and delivered through the BC Chamber of Commerce.

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