There are many aspects involved in running a successful business. Our team has hand-picked the best, most comprehensive resources for local business owners to get the help you need to manage the day-to-day operations of your business and stay up to date with job-related skills and knowledge.

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HR Resources

There are local organizations right here on the Sunshine Coast dedicated to helping you through with all your HR needs: writing job descriptions, advertising your job posting, screening potential candidates, and conducting interviews, as well as supporting new recruits with job site readiness, depending on your needs.

WorkBC Centre Sechelt is a great place to start and their staff can also help you identify any provincial programs you might be eligible for.

Praxis Group is a recruiting agency specializing in rural areas with operations on the Sunshine Coast in Gibsons. They provide recruitment support for their clients including sourcing, screening, advertising, interviewing, and hiring negotiations.

Accessible Employers, a Presidents Group Initiative provides employer-focused tools, resources, and access to training and events for BC employers on how to effectively recruit, hire, and retain employees with disabilities. They encourage businesses of all sizes who are committed to learning and growing their knowledge of accessible employment of people with disabilities to join their Community of Accessible Employers.

Another great resource for businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector is go2HR . Their human resources and health & safety programs offer tools, information, and consulting services designed to support strong business performance. They also offer education and training for current and future workforces.

Environmental Careers Canada champions the environmental sector–from job creation to wage funding, to training and post-secondary accreditation, through expert labour market research and customized human resources solutions for business, ECO Canada excels in providing HR solutions that are tailored to businesses who are engaged in the environmental sector.

Financial Planning

Effective financial planning is essential to keeping a business running smoothly. Whether it is managing your day-to-day cash flow, or securing funding to finance upcoming projects and prepare for longer-term investments, having a well thought out and established plan in place will ensure your businesses long term success. There are many organizations here in BC that offer financial planning services, grants, advice and education.

Training and Education

Continuous education is essential in order to ensure your business thrives in today’s ever-changing market. We have put together a list of practical business training opportunities tailored for small business owners and entrepreneurs here on the Sunshine Coast:

Getting Involved

Getting involved at a local or provincial level with business organizations and associations will help you to become better connected to our community, provide the opportunity for networking with other like-minded business owners, and open the door for increased marketing, savings, advocacy, and professional development opportunities. There are a number of local and provincial organizations you could get involved with:

Local Organizations:

Provincial Organizations:

Social and Environmental Impact

Taking the time to consider your business’ Social and Environmental Impact is increasingly important. Businesses are starting to recognize that they can be socially conscious as well as profitable. It is about considering your employees, community and the environment when making business decisions, rather than being solely bound by profits.

The most effective way to enhance your business’ Social Capital, and communicate your business’ Social Impact to your customers is by having 3rd party certification from an organization such as: B-Corp, Climate Smart, Living Wage for Families BC or LOCO BC.

Learn more about how building your business’ Social Capital can add value to your business, your customers, your employees and our community.

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